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Duke Law`s program focuses on areas of law where demand for jobs will increase in the near future, such as international law, environmental law, and public law. Richard Nixon and Charlie Rose`s alma mater has the fifth highest percentage on our list of graduates who get coveted jobs. It also has the highest percentage on our list of graduates who get full-time positions in law firms with 251 to 500 employees. Graduates of the law school co-founded by John D. Rockefeller are destined for success. The University of Chicago School of Law has the highest percentage of graduates getting coveted jobs (80%) of all the schools on our list. And more than half of salaried graduates (54%) find employment in law firms with more than 500 employees. Getting a place in a large company guarantees financial success – large companies pay much more than small ones. And mega-companies tend to follow the leader when it comes to compensation: After a major New York company raised its base entry salary to $180,000 last month, many other big names followed. According to the NALP, 1 in 6 new graduates from the class of 2020 (6103 out of a total of 34420 graduates) have held lucrative jobs at BigLaw. The Private Law School has a dynamic Environmental Law program that offers a double degree with Tufts University to earn a master`s degree in urban planning and environment.

In 2015, 77% of Boston College law graduates got a job that required a legal internship. More than three-quarters of the youngest Juris physicians – 76% – have taken a job in law firms with 251 or more lawyers. Cornell was followed by Columbia Law School, which sent nearly 73 percent of graduates to large firms by 2021, and the University of Pennsylvania`s Carey Law School with nearly 68 percent. That`s why Business Insider`s recently published list of the top 50 law schools in the country focused on the institutions that lead to the best jobs in the legal world. The ranking focused primarily on the percentage of graduates who get full-time, long-term, and highly sought-after jobs, which we reduced to two things: positions in large law firms and federal internships. Only two law schools outside of the so-called T-14, which are the top 14 schools according to U.S. News & World Report, have landed in the top 15 schools for hiring large companies. Vanderbilt Law School, ranked No.

17 by U.S. News, ranked 7th. Highest percentage of new graduates in large companies, with more than 60% of their youngest class taking on these jobs. The University of Southern California`s Gould School of Law, which ranks 20th, has seen nearly 54 percent of 2021 graduates go to large corporations — the 11th highest percent. We sorted through data from the American Bar Association to find the schools that direct the highest percentage of graduates to the largest law firms — those with more than 500 employees. We used the overall standings on our main list as a tiebreaker. Read on to see which law schools send the most graduates from these companies. Stanford law students pay about $31,005 a year to live in the expensive California Bay Area, in addition to an annual study price of $56,274.

But the return on investment is worth it: 73% of graduates of the best law school on the West Coast get coveted jobs, with 26% of graduates moving ashore. USC Gould School of Law offers customized programs, such as the Certificate Program in Media, Entertainment, and Technology, for the Los Angeles campus and students. Seventy-three percent of graduates land full-time jobs that require passing the bar. Cornell Law School`s annual tuition is just under $60,000 and is among the highest on our list. But it pays off: 90% of graduates got long-term, full-time jobs that required passing the bar. The school is known for its opportunities for volunteer work through programs such as the Cornell Law School Public Service Challenge. Last year, students completed 1,165 hours of volunteer work. With advances in technology and the modernization of publications in the digital age, Phillip Greer, CEO of Best Lawyers, is perhaps one of the best to run a legal awards company in the future.