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(b) Subject to the determination of the subspecies. 13 Where part of the leave has been taken during a year, the period of reduction of the leave earned is a fraction of 30 days corresponding to the proportion borne by the part of the leave in the total duration of the leave. Provided that in the case of university employees assigned under section 53 of the Bihar State Universities Act 1951 (Bihar Act XXVII of 1951), the leave earned is calculated in accordance with the leave rules prescribed by the trade union that were in force at the University of Patna prior to 1952. (e) the privilege of a university staff member suspended in accordance with paragraph (b) shall be restored as soon as he ceases to be outside India or in the foreign service or holds a position in another degree, provided that a suspended privilege is not restored if the university staff member takes leave and there is reason to believe that he or she will do so; upon return from leave, continue to be in the name of India in the foreign service or hold a post in another grade and the total duration of the absence from service shall not be less than three years or that he will occupy a post of the type referred to in subparagraph (a) (i) in terms of content; (ii) or (iii) above. (4) (a) The privilege of an employee of the university in a position may not be terminated under any circumstances, including with his consent, if this results in the employee being left in a permanent position without privilege or dormant privilege. 14. (a) A staff member of the University who is subject to the statutes of this sub-heading and who is not entitled to leave shall be entitled to leave for his period of service: (ii) if he has not notified in good time his appointment to the new post, has returned on his return from leave other than that referred to in point (i); or (c) In an emergency, the leave earned, as reduced by subparagraphs (a) and (b), shall be increased by 1/22 of the period of service in the leave service. 9. Semi-paid leave may be combined with leave provided that: – (i) during the first four months of each period of such leave, including a period of leave granted in accordance with clause (e) which is permitted in the case of earned leave; and (ii) the leave wages shall be paid in the form of a lump sum at the time of retirement, (b) leave of only one type authorized under clause (a) of this article may be combined with leave of another type authorized under that clause. 29.

(a) Subject to the conditions set out below, the trade union may grant special disability leave to a member of the university staff who is hindered by an offence caused intentionally by or as a result of the proper performance of his or her official duties or by reason of his or her official duties. (6) A member of the university may, at any time, be granted all or part of the earned leave to which he or she is entitled. The suspension should be considered on the basis of the prima facie evidence available against him. If there are good reasons to believe that, on the basis of the documents available at the time of the opening of the proceedings, the university staff member is guilty of serious misconduct or breach of duty or of bribery or corruption which, if proven, would result in his dismissal or dismissal, it should be suspended. In cases where such prima facie evidence is lacking in the first place, the issue of the suspension of the academic staff member may be raised until the investigator`s conclusions are available. In such cases, he should be required to take the leave to which he is entitled and, if he is not entitled to leave, extraordinary leave; at the end of the investigation, if it is determined that the university employee is guilty of serious misconduct or breach of duty, bribery or corruption that would result in his or her dismissal or dismissal, he or she should be suspended. (21) Is a member of the university staff to whom the statutes of this subheading apply without interruption of service; has been transferred to a permanent position or has served continuously for more than two years, his or her leave account shall be credited with the amount of leave to which he or she would have been entitled under the Articles if he or she had been employed indefinitely or continuously for more than two years during his or her previous period of service; less the total amount of leave he has already taken before his substantial appointment or before the end of two years of temporary service. (f) This leave shall be counted as customs and shall not be debited from the holiday account. (30) Academic staff suffering from tuberculosis, leprosy or cancer are granted special leave at half of the average salary up to a maximum of 12 months in total during the entire period of service, in addition to the leave due under the provisions of the Statutes, upon presentation of a medical certificate to the satisfaction of the responsible authority.

(iv) The authority responsible for sanctioning the leave earned shall sanction this vacation pay in the pension insurance scheme. (e) such leave may be granted more than once if the disability worsens or is reproduced in similar circumstances at a later date, but not more than 24 months, or if the leave is granted on account of disability; (18) If, in the service of a member of the temporary staff, a break in service other than leave occurs, any leave attributable to him shall lapse. (iii) leave without pay, with the exception of exceptional leave; (3) In all cases where there is reason to believe that a university staff member, if authorized to continue to serve actively, could attempt to manipulate the evidence, he or she should be required to take the leave to which he or she is entitled or, if he or she is not entitled to leave, extraordinary leave. If he refuses to take leave, he may be suspended: (c) Semi-paid study leave for study purposes may be taken inside or outside India. Study leave is generally not granted to teachers who (28) (a) Subject to the conditions set out below, a university staff member may be granted maternity leave by the authority empowered to grant ordinary leave to the university staff member concerned.