• October 5, 2022
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It is illegal to buy a bootleg DVD of anything, including an illegally recorded Broadway show. Law enforcement mainly cares about their limited resources with people who illegally record the shows and sell the DVDs for profit. The piracy control patrol officer was a tall man who walked slowly down the street, looking into the crowd, narrow streets and every nook and cranny looking for illegal activities. When I turned around to hide my Harry Potter, I found another group of illegal sellers who continued as usual, coldly indifferent. Wait a minute, what is it? Why don`t they run? I was so confused, so I asked one of them, “Aren`t you afraid of the patrol officer?” Unlike an item that is fake, a contraband coin that does not intend to market itself as the real thing, the purpose of a contraband coin is not to copy existing coins, but only to creatively appropriate brands that mimic the original, but make it their own to the designers, resulting in a unique-looking product. You might find a second-hand or charity store that would welcome them, but it would really take away all that disappointment and resentment to buy an inferior product and pass it on. Somehow, I don`t really believe in karma, but if karma is really a thing, giving contraband DVDs to goodwill is almost certainly bad karma. Because an unsuspecting buyer will buy them and bring them home and will inevitably be really disappointed. It`s just a nasty thing to do something to someone. The prices of bootleg records on this label, which used to sell for as little as $4, are now approaching hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars. Although not all record collectors are interested in contraband records and not all artists are represented by them, they remain an interesting area of record collection. You`re far from the only one who`s ended up with a series of reckless purchases of bootleg anime DVDs.

Once upon a time, people bought a lot of them. They were particularly problematic in cities with large Chinese populations such as New York, San Francisco and Toronto. Chinatown in every city would have a lot of CD/DVD/VCD stores, and most of them would have a decent selection of bootleg anime discs. Sometimes these records were a godsend – sometimes some anime really hard to find and sold out found their way into these stores. But more often than not, you got stuck with a disc that was pretty crappy compared to a legitimate version. A bootleg recording is an audio or video recording of a performance that has not been officially released by the artist or under any other legal authority. Compact disc bootlegs first appeared in the 1980s and internet distribution became increasingly popular in the 1990s. Most people don`t know they`re doing something illegal when they download a melody or buy an authorized product. They do not realize that they are costing people their jobs or contributing to crime. With the ease and speed of modern technology, it is easy to make a mistake. “False”? DVDs are illegal copies of commercial DVDs. Unlike pirate DVDs, fake DVDs are designed to look like the commercial version.

Often, the distributor or buyer is not even aware that the DVD is a fake. In addition to being illegal and probably funding organized crime (I`ve heard many claims that these contraband stores are mostly backed by Chinese triad groups), these records are pretty simple. Without knowing which records you bought, I predict that many of them have videos that come from a VHS tape, and I bet most of them have mutilated, almost incomprehensible translations that can`t even keep the names of the characters straight. Most of these records do not have English dubbing. Many had bootleg company logos engraved in the video, and some are compressed enough to make the video look like a first YouTube video. Giving them away is about as friendly and touching as a gesture as giving to someone a dead squirrel. When I was much younger, my father traveled a lot in Hong Kong and Malaysia. I was a big anime fan at the time and so he took me anime DVDs and occasional jewelry here and there.

That was about eight years ago and I now know how shitty piracy is compared to the official product, so I support my own local anime DVD distributors. Now I have a bunch of hacked boxes in my closet that I have no idea how to get rid of.