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Admission requirements include successful completion of a health check and provision of a satisfactory DBS certificate. Students who successfully complete their Pathway course but do not meet the advancement requirements for their chosen University of Brighton degree will be awarded a place at a UK university through our University Placement Service. You should also ensure that you meet all subject-specific requirements by using our course finder. You must formally accept the offer by following the instructions in the letter. In the case of a conditional offer, you will need to meet all conditional requirements and provide additional documentation if necessary. The deadline for acceptance of the offer is indicated in the letter and is usually 2 months from the date on which the offer was submitted. Your offer will be withdrawn if you do not accept it. Most standard offers for entry into BSMS are conditional on obtaining three A grades at A level (including biology and chemistry). For applicants with contextual data – see below for more information – we accept aAB (including biology and chemistry).

Rest assured that although many students are recommended by their schools or colleges to study mathematics or physics, we do not specify the type of third subject of abitur*. We actively welcome candidates who study subjects outside of the mathematical and physical sciences, as we recognize their value in broadening academic horizons. If you graduated from high school but don`t meet the university entry requirements, a basic certificate can help you access a bachelor`s degree. Some of our art and design courses require you to submit a portfolio to participate. Read our tips on how to create your own. Access to medical courses does not replace previous poor results in the relevant scientific fields required for medical studies. Therefore, BSMS will not consider applications for entry for medical students who already have qualifications in the relevant sciences assessed with or under our standard entry requirements. Applicants who exceed our minimum requirements have no advantage in our admissions process. Once we find that applicants have been predicted or have met the minimum academic requirements, they move on to the next step in our admissions process. These English language requirements are standard requirements.

Check the courses before applying. International students who accept their offer and request accommodation on time can book their accommodation at the University of Brighton. If you have any problems applying, contact Leverage Edu professors at 1800 57 2000 and from the application process to the visa process, you will have easy access to the university of your dreams. If you graduated from high school with good grades, but are not qualified to enter a bachelor`s degree, you can study an international first year that combines university preparation with graduation from Year 1. A place in a pre-medical course does not guarantee a place in medical school, but can help applicants meet relevant academic requirements. Our standard admission requirements are a guide: we also take into account the educational and personal context. At the start of 2021, we rated the BMAT up to 28. Home candidates who scored 17.8 points or higher and international candidates who scored 18.8 or higher were invited to an interview. Candidates who met our contextual data criteria were ranked separately. Those who met our minimum academic requirements and our BMAT (16.4 out of 28) were invited to an interview.

The threshold score for the interview varies every year since BSMS started using BMAT to select threshold scores for the interview: candidates who are currently studying or who already have a degree may also be eligible for a contextual data offer. Applicants are eligible if they have met two or more of the contextual criteria while studying GCSEs or A levels, or if they currently meet two of the criteria. For eligible applicants, we need English (language or literature) and GCSE mathematics in class 5/C or higher. Please note that we do not change our scoring requirements for the final qualifications. Requirements may vary for each program. Please visit the program page for specific requirements. If you have a bachelor`s degree or equivalent, but don`t meet the entry requirements for a master`s degree, a pre-master`s degree can help you secure a place in a postgraduate degree. Compare the University of Brighton`s academic score requirements with other universities Learn more about the university`s admission requirements However, you should note that the integrated nature of our medical studies does not allow for advanced entry into another year of the programme. Check if you meet the English language requirements to learn here.

Learn more about our English courses and tests. Note that these are general scores for entry requirements. Check the specific requirements before applying. If you have (or expect) a first- or second-year honours degree, but do not have the required knowledge of biology and chemistry, you should consider access through access to medication. We recommend that those considering accessing medication carefully review the history of the courses they are applying for. Successful courses are likely to have selective entry guidelines, require an intensive full-time commitment to study, and have a differentiated outcome (e.g., pass with distinction or a percentage grade). We only consider candidates who have taken courses recognized by the Faculty of Medicine. To study in the UK, you must apply for a General Student Visa [Tier 4]. You are eligible for a study visa once you are enrolled in full-time studies. Requirements include: International applicants must pass the BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT). Candidates will be invited to the interview based on meeting the academic grade requirements and their BMAT score.

The personal declaration will not be used during the admission procedure. The Universities of Brighton and Sussex share the commitment and strong track record in adult student education. We are committed to extending this commitment to a mature entry into medicine. Once you are qualified, have gathered all the documents and met the language requirements, you are ready to start with the application form. To secure your admission to the University of Brighton, be sure to enter all your personal and professional references thoroughly. Later, check the deadlines and send your registered application form to the university at the right time. Percentage of system requirements for premedical courses at universities around the world are for all applicants who failed to secure a place in medical school the first time or who did not meet the admission requirements, as well as international students who did not meet our original admission criteria. The school has distinguished faculty, leading research impacts and dynamic alumni. The University of Brighton is committed to enabling as many people as possible to use higher education and has a flexible admission policy where applications are reviewed on merit. Matthew Selbie from the USA, Business Studies BSc (Hons) While you enjoy your studies as part of the University of Brighton community, you will be supported by caring advisors who can help you adjust to British academic and cultural life.