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Don`t waste time and resources digging through disorganized patient or client records. Let our specialists convert your audio and digital files into searchable and shareable medical and legal transcripts. Make your life easier with a streamlined workflow. With a client`s well-being or freedom, your medical legal transcriptionist must understand the meaning of each word. We thoroughly check each transcriber to ensure it meets our technical and quality standards. Outsourcing the forensic transcription service is proving to be a convenient, fast and cost-effective way to gain access to qualified transcribers. At Neural IT, we strive to provide our clients with a high quality forensic transcription service at competitive prices and accurate results. Few transcription companies compete with our deadlines while maintaining our accuracy. LexTranscribe provides accurate forensic transcripts according to your schedule.

Go to your ear, which is prepared to succeed with the information you need. We have experience drafting medico-legal acts such as expert testimony, independent medical assessments, health services reviews and workers` compensation. Other situations where our forensic services are helpful include, but are not limited to: If physicians prefer to dictate treatment notes, view notes, view progress notes, etc., they must be accurately transcribed and the details entered into the electronic health record system. Given the value of medical records as a legal document, accuracy is paramount. The most difficult part of medical legal transcription, whether internal or outsourced, is transcribing unknown medical terminology, which is an integral part of medical records. Therefore, it is important to turn to an experienced and professional medical transcription company that can provide medical transcripts according to international standards with the utmost accuracy and quality. Many companies speak well, but few invest time to back up their promises. Trust our team to provide 24/7 customer support and accurate medical transcription services. Get fast and accurate transcripts on your terms. Our prices for forensic transcription services are also cheap – Get a FREE quote by clicking on the free quote option and receive the cost of your project in advance. Ditto Transcripts is the industry leader in medical legal transcription. Our transcription team takes great pride in providing the highest quality and accurately processed medical transcription files from our offices here in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to our extensive experience and our various options for required processing times, we can meet both statistical requests and your other requirements for longer processing times. Are you ready to get in touch with a forensic expert in your area? Our medical legal transcribers have extensive experience and expertise in U.S. law and medical terminology. Get fast and accurate medical legal transcripts in all 50 states, from New York to Nevada and everywhere in between. Medical malpractice and negligence can span many years and thousands of documents. Few transcription firms are equipped for projects of this magnitude, let alone the necessary expertise in medical and legal terminology. We are your solution. Our forensic services are used by lawyers, experts, insurance companies, etc. Our professional transcription teams consist of all highly experienced qualified transcribers in the United States, in-house team leaders, and your dedicated account manager who is always available to answer questions by phone or email.

Plus, our HIPAA-compliant online platform and flexible dictation solutions make it easy to integrate our forensic transcript into your workflow. We pride ourselves on building a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our customers. For more questions about our transcription services, you can contact us at 1-866-898-2181 or write to us for more information. 2. What is the best online medical forensics transcription provider? Medical records are valuable documents because they relate to human life; They have legal and business requirements to meet and are expected to comply with prescribed standards that support professional, regulatory, and legal requirements for reliable medical legal documents related to healthcare organizations.