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Law and Order: SVU, probably television`s most iconic and longest-running legal drama series, has to be number one on this list. It`s extremely difficult for a show to last more than 20 years (Grey`s Anatomy gets there) and stay relevant. One of the many reasons it has such a predominantly female audience is that SVU took sexual assault and sexual consent seriously before most shows. Since the department where the characters work deals with sex crimes, the show began openly discussing topics that, years #MeToo before, were considered taboo and too much for prime time. The Good Wife remains one of the most popular legal dramas to date. After Alicia Flowick (Julianna Margulies) and her journey back to her professional life after her husband was embroiled in a sex scandal and sent to prison, the character balances motherhood, a woman in a male-dominated environment, and one case a week while always remaining calm. A show that definitely passes the Bechdel test (two female characters must have names and talk about entire conversations without mentioning a man), this is a good watch for those who want an adult approach to many topics, including themselves at an older age and love. The series was co-created by TV and film veterans who worked on popular shows and movies such as Law & Order, Men in Black, and Minority Report, among others. While the story doesn`t seem radically different from standard legal dramas, Justice provides insight into the life, lifestyle, and family relationships of a part of the world that is still quite underrepresented. If you want to explore the Scandinavian legal drama, then Case might do the trick for your bill.

It`s intense, dark, exciting and could be a good experience if you`re interested in Icelandic thrillers. In this lawyers` show, she joined a new law firm, then rebuilt her name and regained her prestige. The series was also important because it dealt mainly with the lives of the three female lead roles, touching on several political and social commentaries. Surprisingly, however, many lawyers consider the film to be one of the most accurate cinematic representations of their profession ever published. Some law professors even show excerpts to convey different legal concepts. For many lawyers, there is no more realistic legal show than “Law & Order,” which aired on NBC from 1990 to 2010. Each episode was set in New York City and had a two-part format, the first focusing on the investigation of a crime (usually murder) and the arrest of a suspect by detectives from the New York City Police Department, and the second focused on the prosecution of the accused by the Manhattan District Attorney`s Office. Real cases have often inspired the plot. Are you a John Grisham fan? Have you seen all (or most) of the films based on his novels? Next, you might want to add The Innocent Man to your list. The documentary series focuses on two gruesome murders committed in Ada, Oklahoma, in the 1980s.

Ronald Keith Williamson, a minor league basketball player, was charged with the rape and murder of Debra Sue “Debbie” Carter. Ronald`s friend, Dennis Fritz, was also found guilty of aiding and abetting. While Dennis was sentenced to life in prison, Ronald was sentenced to death. 11 years later, a closer look at the DNA evidence proved both were innocent. Complicated cases, lying killers, and fierce rivalries are just a few of the elements that make legal drama series so captivating. Here are the best of them. The Good Wife is grounded in reality almost more than any other legal series, if not for American Crime Story, which is based on real-life court cases. Since the series is about the wife of a prosecutor who returns to court when her husband is caught in the middle of a sex scandal, The Good Wife is heavily influenced by real events such as the scandal surrounding Bill Clinton. “Objection, Your Honour!” Every fan of legal drama has always wanted to say this phrase in a courtroom, one of the best settings for a complicated and powerful debate between characters, where the stakes are so high that the viewer is just as stressed as the person accused of the crime. Legal dramas have long been popular.

In 1957, attorney Perry Mason first appeared on television on a show bearing his name. As one of the first nine-season television series, the show was one of the first to deal with legal cases that viewers are so used to today. The circle came full circle when HBO released a remake of the series in 2020. The Defenders followed in 1961, and soon television history was full of legal drama. Since then, several programs have been broadcast using the courtroom as a battlefield. Some follow real stories, others are completely fiction. Intense debates, fascinating characters and incredible cases are inescapable in any story. Here are the best ranked legal drama series. Washington`s best fixer had to be on the list. Although Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) doesn`t practice as a lawyer, she`s a former lawyer who uses all her knowledge to help her clients — and anyone who dares to take action against her.

The romance between her and the president, Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn), is (mostly) at the center of Scandal. Goliath is a Prime Video original television series starring Billu Bob Thornton. The series ran for four seasons before being cancelled in 2021, telling the story of a dilapidated lawyer in search of redemption. The show was important in that it showed how corruption was endemic in the legal system, which favored the rich.