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Others may ingest relatively large amounts with little risk of anesthesia. The muscle tremor of anesthesia is unmistakable, and a depressed or floating pulse is easy to spot. The rule of hygiene in all cases of structural anesthesia, whether acquired or hereditary, is total abstinence one and always. Opiates should be used in moderation and any attempt to induce deep anesthesia should be avoided. As anesthesia was constantly avoided, the experiment was complete, even unexpected, successful. Note: The Greek nÁrkÄ has been compared to the Old High German in-snerahan “to fesseln (to), link (to)”, which hypothetically reflects an Indo-European verb base *snerk- “to shoot together, to grind” (according to Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben, 2nd edition, Wiesbaden 2001; See entry 1), but the semantic link is far from apparent. (The dictionary incorrectly translates as “spasm, lung” = “spasm, paralysis.”) R. Beekes (Etymological Dictionary of Greek, Brill, 2009) considers that the word is most likely pre-Greek of substrate origin. borrowed from the new Latin narcÅsis, borrowed from the Greek nÁrkÅsis “numbing”, from narkå-, variant of narko`n “benumb, dead” (verbal derivation of nárkÄ “deafness, lack of sensation”, of uncertain origin) + -sis -sis.