• November 27, 2022
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General corporate practice, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, ESG and sustainability advice, intellectual property rights, litigation and crisis management, tax advice, tax investigation advice and tax litigation When auditing corporate matters, tax and accounting must always be taken into account, which requires the cooperation of taxes and auditors at different stages. By leveraging our global tax and accounting network, we are able to quickly and efficiently offer a wide range of services related to corporate matters from different perspectives. Follow the trends that matter to your business and shape the debate about how tax and legal systems should evolve. Over 3,600 lawyers in 90+ countries, giving you the ability to execute in territories and around the world. Building on the breadth and depth of PwC`s global network, we bring our networked expertise in legal knowledge, business understanding and technology innovation to focus on our clients` futures and uncover new opportunities. Asset management (succession, business succession, asset management, etc.): PwC Legal Japan provides specialist wealth management advice on inheritance (including cross-border inheritance), business succession, asset management, use of trusts, etc. from various angles such as law, tax and economics. Meet the lawyers who make up PwC Legal Japan`s legal team Areas of practice Corporate and M&A: Our firm consistently provides high-quality legal services at all stages of acquisitions and alliances, including programming, due diligence, contract drafting and negotiation, closing and PMI. We handle a wide range of cases, including mergers, corporate spin-offs, share exchanges, share transfers and other organizational restructurings. We also advise on a variety of contracts such as purchase and sale agreements, distribution and joint ventures, and provide legal advice on various other issues our clients face in the course of their business.

We are a member firm of the PwC legal network with more than 3,700 lawyers in 100 countries. IT: We provide legal support for outsourcing, IT systems procurement, software licensing, digital transformation and e-commerce. In particular, because the interpretation and application of tax laws are closely linked to the interpretation and application of company law, the Civil Code and other laws of Japan, we, as lawyers, are able to offer comprehensive tax advice in the face of these complex laws. Our firm is also qualified to advise on complex foreign law issues, such as the application of Japanese tax law to events governed by foreign law, and subsequently provide interpretative advice. We offer general and international corporate law services. We believe in the power of law to solve your main challenges and face the future. It`s not just about legal advice. By collaborating with other member firms of the Japanese PwC Group for Japanese domestic affairs and foreign firms that are members of PwC`s global network for non-Japanese business, we provide high-quality professional services quickly and efficiently. We can seamlessly deliver valuable integrated legal services in virtually any location where our clients practice, leveraging PwC`s extensive global network of more than 3,700 lawyers in more than 100 countries.

Nowadays, the activities of companies and individuals easily cross borders and expand in all directions, and they are often involved in very complex projects that require various professional services that go beyond legal services and include tax, accounting and advisory services. ESG and sustainability legal services: As companies around the world are increasingly encouraged to engage in DMS and ESG, PwC Legal Japan provides its clients with professional support to help them achieve management that leads to sustainable growth and development while solving key ESG business and social issues. We work closely with PwC Japan Group and PwC`s global network to provide strategic advice, particularly from a legal perspective, on specific agendas and to provide legal support for their implementation. Litigation and Arbitration: We advise and represent litigation in a wide range of areas of law, ranging from general economic matters to highly specialized areas such as tax and commercial matters, intellectual property law and employment law. We also provide services related to alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration, civil mediation and other non-contentious matters. In the context of the current framework conditions, our law firm works closely with member firms of PwC`s global network. We can quickly and efficiently provide you with high-quality professional services based on the latest legal, tax and accounting trends by cooperating with other PwC Japan member firms for Japanese domestic affairs and with foreign member firms in the respective fields for non-Japanese business. For global business in particular, we can provide seamlessly integrated legal services that are valuable to our clients in virtually any location where their firm operates, leveraging our extensive global network of more than 3,700 lawyers in more than 100 countries.

Today`s business issues go beyond a legal perspective – you need a legal advisor who sees the big picture. From predicting the impact of regulatory, economic and political changes to managing social and technological change, we look at your challenges from a broader business perspective. You will receive integrated and practical advice that will guide you to the right strategic decisions and help you achieve your economic goals. Provide integrated expertise: a broader business perspective to solve key issues; We bring together tax, transaction, assurance, consulting and risk experts with our lawyers to give you clear and practical advice on the best way forward. Follow the trends that matter to your business and shape the debate about how tax and legal systems should evolve. Over 3,700 lawyers in 100+ countries, giving you the opportunity to work in the region and around the world. PwC Legal Japan strives to establish and maintain trusting relationships with its clients by providing quick and effective solutions to legal issues, making the most of our extensive and diverse expertise and network. Hiroki Yamada`s practice includes domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, general corporate law, asset management, executive compensation, ESG and sustainability legal services, tax advice, data protection and other information-related laws.