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In the next chapter, we see Team 15, Hanabi`s squad, tasked with capturing wild animals that have been lost. Episode 50 shows Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi and Shino remembering the moment Boruto and Denki collided with the railroad car on Hokage Hill. Then, Hanabi discusses the Chunin exam, drinks and drinks Shino, which leads to the confusion Naruto has to intervene in. But not all anime fans have time to go through 208 episodes to see the specific things just for Boruto`s new Jougan powers! It can take days to observe the compulsion and quick eyes to see episode peaks. It`s a challenge to justify the title of this text without mentioning the manga`s spoilers, but that`s what we`re going to do. Don`t worry, ruining other people`s experience is not the point here. Just open your head and keep reading. I will use the word “good” if you expect something on the same level as Naruto Shippuden Post Pain. Consideration of all script and production issues. But yes, Boruto (animĂȘ) will be fine! In the manga, things are very interesting, not yet with development as good as Boruto`s movie, but it was pretty cool to follow! The anime has just finished the prologue and moves on to these most interesting arcs, is only 3 years too late at the level of the manga. Determined to become stronger to save a friend, young Naruto begins training a collaborative jutsu with Jiraiya. Boruto is also in training. But the amount of it definitely determines someone`s ability to make sure they stay with the anime.

In this new story, we follow Naruto`s son, Boruto, a young man who wants to find his own way and doesn`t want to follow in his father`s footsteps, and also Kawaki, a young man whose body has been altered with cybernetic upgrades by a mysterious group called Kara. Episode 96 focuses on Namida from Team 15. She is able to apply a special technique that paralyzes people`s hearing with her crying and even makes the opponent faint. However, any mistake in the use of this technique can hinder the mission, forcing it to abandon its use. She then decides to train to become stronger and protect her teammates. In the first episode, we see Denki training his ninjutsu to walk on the wall. Even when Metal Lee helps him, Denki is still unable to master the move properly. Iwabe also seems to help and is eventually assisted by Denki in his studies.

When a fire breaks out, they arrive late for testing, but they save three people in a building. Shino recognizes the use of his knowledge in a real-life situation and approves of it anyway. Surprisingly, the original anime arcs were able to expand the universe of the Naruto sequel very well. Still, it`s hard to settle for a story full of important events in the manga. Well, it`s time to adapt these stories. Naruto and Sasuke were on the verge of defeating Momoshiki, but he is accidentally aided by Katasuke and his scientific ninja tool, allowing the villain to regain his chakra. You can expect to be a little more excited while watching, just be a little patient! And skip the loads. The coolest ones are the unpretentious ones like Father`s Day and Hiashi`s birthday! Saradas Gaiden is pretty cool too! Missuki`s escape (like Sasuke) is!!!! In episode 48, we follow the characters about a week after the Byakuya gang incident. After Naruto announces the trials for the Genin ninjas to conquer Chunin College, Iwabe worries about the mistakes he made while dealing with Denki and metal. The situation deteriorates when Team 5 is assigned to appear in a movie.

When filming is cancelled, they must save the filmmakers from a collapsed building. Boruto`s anime itself is already a slutfan service. I like to at least see the anime q, apart from the fact that they are already finished and have development between the characters themselves, if n have these 2 points, I believe that q the anime not only becomes boring but always repeats itself. He has Naruto Shippuden as an example: The whole anime focuses solely on Naruto and Sasuke and plays fds to the other characters, literally they are there because they are the only reason, none of them have a whore belief to achieve their dream or anything like that. There are 500 episodes in which: half is just the 4th Great Ninja War and the other half and Naruto pursues Sasuke. He has the movie Naruto after the events of Shippuden the movie: The last, has a legal development between Hinata and Naruto but friendly.