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The legality, accuracy and quality of the information contained in this procedural form are the strict responsibility of the dependency, institution or productive enterprise of the State that provided it as an authority for the administration of the procedure due to its attributions and / or regulatory powers. Article 8 – Private legal persons may request protection through their legitimate representatives. Do you need the Agricultural Lawyer (PA) to represent you legally in order to promote a direct amparo case against the decision of the Supreme Court or Unitarios Agrarios? Go to the delegation or residence closest to your place of residence or, if applicable, to the central offices in order to receive the appropriate attention. If one year has elapsed without anyone appearing at the hearing on behalf of the injured party, the action shall be deemed not to have been brought. Section 10. – The victim and the injured party who have the right to compensation for damage or civil liability resulting from the commission of an offence may submit an application for amparo: article 14. – No specific clause is required in the general power of attorney for the agent to promote and continue the amparo procedure. But yes, to refrain from doing so. The substitute representation in agricultural matters, provided for in Article 213, Section II, of the Amparo Law, repealed by decree in the Official Gazette of the Federation on April 2, 2013, has legitimized any ejidatario and / or comunero belonging to a core of the agricultural population, in order to promote the constitutional procedure in its defense, in the event that the ejido or the municipal commissioner of property does not do so within fifteen days. On the other hand, the ordinary legislature, exercising its discretionary power, abolished this form of representation in the Amparo Act, which was in force on the 3rd of the month and year indicated. In the absence of such legislation, it is therefore not legitimate for the ejidatarios and/or comuneros of an agricultural core to promote indirect amparo proceedings on the basis of that legal personality.

Article 20 – If the appeal is filed by amparo by two or more persons, they must appoint a common representative to be chosen from among them. Official legal persons are exempt from the obligation to provide the guarantees required by the parties in this Act. Procedure undergoing continuous improvement, you will soon be able to follow the level of digital services of gob.mx Against actions arising from the incident of repair or civil liability; SUBSTITUTE AMPARO REPRESENTATION IN AGRICULTURAL MATTERS. THOSE WHO INDIRECTLY PROMOTE A CONSTITUTIONAL JUDGMENT ON THE BASIS OF THIS LEGAL CONCEPT ARE NOT LEGITIMATE, AS THIS IS NOT PROVIDED FOR BY THE RELEVANT LAW (CURRENT LAW OF 3 APRIL 2013). Face-to-face: Meet at the delegation or residence closest to your population center, with opening hours Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. FIRST ITINERANT COLLEGIATE COURT OF THE FIFTH REGIONAL AID CENTRE. FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS TO THE CHOICE OF NAME, LEGAL PERSONALITY, GENDER IDENTITY AND TO THE FREE DEVELOPMENT OF THE AUTONOMY OF THE PERSONALITY AND LEGAL CAPACITY OF THE YOUNG PERSON – CHANGE OF SEX IN THE BIRTH REGISTER. If the minor is already fourteen years of age, he or she may designate a representative in the application. By telephone for advice only: 01 800 228 22 63 Article 11. – The competent authority is the one that dictates, promulgates, publishes, orders, executes or attempts to execute the law or the act claimed. The authorities may be replaced by the officials to whom they confer this power, the internal rules adopted in accordance with the respective organic laws.

One of the following documents, as the case may be: amparo direct 320/2018 (auxiliary booklet 961/2018) from the index of the Third Collegiate Court of Administrative Affairs of the Fourth District, with the assistance of the First District Collegiate Court of the Auxiliary Center of the Fifth Region, headquartered in Culiacán, Sinaloa. 28 February 2019. Unanimity of votes. Speaker: Pablo Enríquez Rosas. Secretary: Arturo Aarón Guerrero García. Sexual rights. Work. Relationship with name.

Publicity of evidence Judicial filing of decisions. Immediate protection of the fundamental rights of the individual. Age with disability. Informal agency in the Tutela action.