• November 28, 2022
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LAREDO, TX. The Laredo Police Department advises motorists about a vehicle trend that is illegal in the state of Texas. It is a business fact that technology tends to evolve faster than regulation can catch up. When it comes to car accessories, that`s certainly the case. A number of innovative products and components developed by automakers and aftermarket specialists are not available in the U.S. due to slow regulatory changes. In addition, some aftermarket accessories are not legal for use when driving on public roads. Xenon headlights: These are also called HID lights, and they can appear blue but really emit white light. Why other colors are not legal, you may be wondering. Well, it`s all about visibility.

Lights of other colors, such as red, purple, or green, are less visible to other drivers in the dark. It is important to know the laws of your state, province or country before you completely decide to use LED bulbs or headlights. It`s equally important that you do your research to find out what`s DOT compliant and what`s not. Today, we will look at what is considered DOT compliant in the broadest sense and what is not, and look at some concrete examples. Essentially, it is up to projector manufacturers to determine whether they meet the requirements. If you are looking for something to fall asleep, you can read these requirements here. In short, there are specifications for every possible application, vehicle and installation position. So you can definitely install “blue” or “super blue” headlights because the wavelength of the light is actually white. However, no other color can be used. Thus, the legal colors of headlights are yellow and white. Blue headlights are also legal because they appear almost white.

Are colored headlights legal? They have the answer that they are not. But what about blue headlights? Some popular types of headlights such as LED bulbs, xenon and some halogen bulbs are blue. Are they legal? Are colored headlights legal? Yes, but under certain conditions. You can install them in your car, but you will need to turn on white, yellow or blue lights when driving on public roads. Unfortunately, the laws governing the exterior lighting of vehicles are extremely strict and you can only use headlights that are allowed in your car. Read on as we explain why you can`t use colored lighting and see what options are available to you. The police ask you not to put yourself or your passengers in danger and to use suitable headlights. There are other components that are more specific to the type of headlights or bulbs you`re using, but that`s usually what you should look for. Why can`t colors other than white be used for headlights? It is a question of visibility. If you used blue, red or green headlights, you would be less visible to other drivers at night. You`d also have less visibility when driving at night, and driving in foggy conditions with colorful headlights would be incredibly dangerous.

LED and xenon or HID headlights currently enjoy great popularity. If you`re confused about their blue show, don`t be. They are completely safe and legal to use anywhere. Authorities say current trends in headlight upgrades such as colored bulbs, blackout hues and halo LED lights in teas are not legal. If the LED headlights you`re looking at don`t advertise that they`re DOT certified or approved, chances are they can`t really be used legally on the road. From 2/2022, LED headlights are no longer legal changes for vehicles registered for road traffic. If you put a pair of GTR Lighting Ultra 2 in your climbing Jeep Wrangler that you are towing on the trail, then you`re done. Otherwise, it is technically not legal for headlight applications. We recently had the opportunity to integrate new 7×6 headlight housings and high-power LED headlight bulbs into a 1995 Toyota Tacoma. This truck originally used H6054 sealed rectangular headlight housings, so the first step in installing the new LED headlight technology was to replace the original housings with new housings that could accommodate a replacement bulb. For this purpose, we installed Vision X #VX-57 sealed rectangular bracket housings.

These new housings are DOT approved and equipped with regular H4 halogen bulbs, which would be 30% brighter than the original Sealed Beam headlights. Many consumers question whether the headlights they are interested in pass an inspection or are considered “DOT compliant”. If your headlights say “DOT” or “DOT compliant” or “DOT approved”, chances are your headlights will be classified as such. Many brands use this nickname to fool you when they are anything but legal. Many even deceive you about their performance. When a product is listed as “SAE certified”, it means that it has been sent to SAE for testing and certification and the stamp essentially means “This is a very high quality product!” This is NOT the same as DOT compliance. This is for product quality, not legality. If you`re not so sure, look for reviews of their products on Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and forums for the vehicle you`re looking for. Typically, those sub-$100 headlights you see on marketplace sites like Amazon or eBay won`t meet DOT regulations and will likely perform very poorly.